Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Meet Lyndsi Shae, grieving the loss of her wisdom teeth.
She is layin in her bed
deliriously singing to Stoph.

(sickeningly hopeless romantic country love songs.)

She is at the store,
20 minutes after poppin an oxycodone,

head imploding
jaw seeking
her 893,23949th
consecutive meal of chocolate ice cream.
Ohhh man. she says
about to fall on her face and bust another involuntary nap

What happens when she realizes
Stoph is not in her room, but on an opposite coast
the ice cream is gone
and she can't remember
when she wrote those 5 journal pages
that now stare her in the face.

I'll tell you what happens.
Time for more pills.
Swallow. Go nuts. Repeat.


kaylie jean said...


That's a nasty little bugger...

I hope you get feeling better soon!

Claire said...

That is Claire's voice moaning for her Lyndsi Shae.
Keep on singin those love songs, dear. I be missin you and wanting you to not be in pain.
It's raining here and I want to walk in it with you. That means you have to get better. Okay? Okay.

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Oh my gosh, is this the ghost of Lydnsi Shae talking becuase there is no way anyone could have survived that ordeal! The ice cream actually sounds pretty good, though. So do the naps. Do you look like a chipmunk with blown-up cheeks?

melissakunz said...

OH Lovie, I TOTALLY konw where you are - I was there 3 months ago, remember? I'm so sorry you dont have Stoph there. It should all be over in about a week. Hang in there! Love ya