Monday, January 25, 2010

Just do it.

So I was thinkin I'd write another post
about my little developments
and my fat question marks about what they mean
but oh!
oh no.
i won't.

Let's talk about something else today.
Like how I'm in the Mac Lab makin my own websites.
No really I am.
Yeah, this is me.

Lets just say what comes out.
Here it goes.

I am on the ground.
I am on the ground.
I am always wondering what I need here.
I am always feeling the crest of the wave
up on my tip toes
neck stretched out
heart comes forth
And then
we come down.
Teal and blue we fall.
We rumble.
We swirl and stretch horizontal.
We show the shore how much we can touch.
We stretch ourselves thin on the inland.
And then
we retract
Back to the center.
Here in the deep, we mix with what you have never seen.
We converse with what we cannot describe
In a language not collectively spoken
but felt.
It feels like this: upward.
It feels like this: around.
It feels like this: movement.
I am here on the ground.
But I am more than what you see.
In my skinny ponytail and bookbag.
I am further.
I am hoping
to be sonorous.
For now, energy, oscillating.
They say through space and time we are oscillating.

Sometimes my heart comes out in one word lines.
Over and over and over.
This is where I am today.
And apparently, that is what I have to say.


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David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

It's rare to hear a non-math person use the word 'oscillating.' Thanks for rocking it.