Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hey you-- SPEAK UP.

Hey, remember the struggle I used to always talk about? Remember him?
Well, back when we were, um, dating? What was that thing we did? What would you call that really?
I can ask him here, because he’s here too, he reads this with you.

Well, whatever we were doing-- during that, his old girlfriend was in a faraway country. I knew nothing of her, but she was reading this too, she read with you.
And then she came here, and did that thing with him just like I did.
Now they are together,
the real way, the not-what-we-did way.

Yesterday, me and this girl decided to be friends.
I like her. I love her a little. Mind blowing.

Yesterday, I got two other little-letters from people, both confessing their readership.
I just didn’t know.
I had no idea you all were here.

Last week Sabrina showed me how to view the locations of my readers.
Does it freak you out a little? That you are my readers? Me too.
Is it weird to come to this page today, where I am not recounting my thoughts-- but speaking. Directly. To you.
Can you handle that?

26 people today. 71 so far this week.

Hello Jordan.
Hello Claire.
Hello Spain, Indonesia, Venezuela, and Brazil.
Hello North Tonawanda New York—who visits daily.
Who are you people?
Who is in Idaho Falls, New Hartford, Little Rock?
Who is in Utica, Sevierville, Phoenix?
Come on, stick your hands into the fire.

Whoever you are, its okay that you’re here. You are safe here. This is public, and I know what that means. It means it can be your place too. But before it was yours, it was mine. It has always been from the core of ME. So why are you here? I ask this not with malice, but honesty. I’m just wondering why no one ever says anything.
Today I call you out.
Read my life, its okay. Then, contribute a piece of yourself. There’s a comment button down there, you know, if you want.

Thanks for reading.
I mean it.


Beka and Eric Sorensen said...

Hey Lynds....p.s. how DO you see who can see your blog?? jeesh, that's kinda' weird/freaky :) I hope you're happy, sis.

Que Buen Chica! said...

REMEMBER THIS NAME: Lyndsi the next name to be filled in later ... but the first name is pretty original ... remember it!
I am gonna be FAMOUS and you can always say "Hey! I knew her when she only blogged!"

There you go my darling ... I just wrote your next blog for ya! LOVE YOU!

Sab and Dave said...

Hi freak of nature.

I read your blog.

In fact, I check it daily to see if you update. Which some days you don't. Which makes me sad. So freaking dang, update it 4 times a day. Just for me. Kthanks.


siovhan said...

I second and third Sab's comments.
But we all know I'm mildly obsessed.

Love you.

Claire said...

Hello Lyndsi Shae.

I'm here. Here I am. I'm glad that I know you, that we're friends. I'm glad that we can talk now. That we do talk now. I'm glad I can let you know how great I think you are.

See everybody? It's not hard.

Jeff said...

hi lyndsi shae it's me jeff ward from creative writing. now you can stalk me back. great to be here.

PleaseRememberMeFondly said...

I 5th Sabrina's comment. I check this thing like every day. And most days, it helps my soul out a lot more than you know.

Also. . .sevierville. . .that's near me. . .I wonder who that is. . .

Anonymous said...

He wasn't real with you because he was dating me too. Both of us. At the same time. And it wasn't in the real way with me either, although I didn't know it at the time. Pretty hard core. Pretty lame. I found out about you on facebook. So obviously I read your blog. I haven't read your blog for months but I came on and this entry was too blatant to let go. I want you to know. Even more mind blowing, huh?

Anonymous said...

I may not be from a far off, distant land, I am someone you see every single day. But there's something about the words your write on here that keeps me reading. You say things exactly the way you mean to. You're not afraid of words. Sometimes I think I am. When I read your fearless words, they make me feel like I can be stronger. Keep writing. Love ya! -Melis