Monday, July 30, 2007

Outer Banks.

THE DAY: July 30th 2007
THE TIME: 10:22 PM
THE MUSIC: Slow Dancin in a Burnin Room; John Mayer

I still have this feeling that pivotal beginnings are on the way, that there is so much in me waiting on its time.
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Today I stood with the ocean up to my shoulders, and could see my shadow aside my heels on the seperate world of the sea floor below. I lifted my toes, balancing my body on the surface of the water. The waves flowed through me as I drifted and spun under the clouds... until it was no longer a balance, and I was no longer from a seperate world. My sight, my weight, my yesterdays... all were irrelevant.
I could reach in all directions.
I was the breeze of an African shore,
the smell of simmering alfredo in Italy,
the static of a distant radio,
the slow flowing dance of humanity,
the cyclone of the undiscovered.
All my syllables were perfectly pronounced.
I was truly awake within my saturated sleep.

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