Thursday, September 20, 2007

Here I am.

THE DAY: September 20th, 2007
THE TIME: 12:55 AM
THE MUSIC: So Long Lonesome; Explosions In The Sky

I've been struggling with this darkness left by my father. I've been walking past fenced off broken buildings. I've been laying under sycamore trees and stretching myself around, as if I could reach to embrace an earth that would soak through to me. I've been hoping to find out who these people are behind all the doors that surround my new home. I've been wondering what it is I'm anticipating. I've been trying to inhale, trying to show myself, trying to find a peace of timing. I've been walking upside down, though I still can't feel today's road in my eyes. I've been chasing after the tides of my own longing, my own security, my own core desires. I've been searching out my name, peeling through the skins of my feet, listening for change. I've been under bells of silence, bombs of indifference, forests of a petrified past.

Will they find me?

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