Tuesday, March 25, 2008

SOS... this ain't no Rihanna.

Why am I in the library?

Roll-outta-bed hair and basketball shorts
Clickin my bare heels
A little embarrassed of my desire for a pedicure
... and a girly dress.

Developing a philosophical crush on Mary Wollstonecraft's book.
Listenin to Explosions In The Sky
Writing six pages that are due in two hours.
Thinkin about my Katie and Kelsey and how Brooklyn would make an ug-sigh sound if she were here.
Wishin I had my journal so I could play with this sweet scanner
and fill my odd desire to post my soul on the world wide web.
(lookin up synonyms for desire.)

I want a smart cookie.
The sun is out.
The pool is open.
My sister is in the same town as me.

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