Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tonight I am packin up my glenhood life for a little while.
Scramblin through the wreckage,
I found a page in one of my notebooks from December.
I post it now as the last evidence of winter.

12-5-07 4:40pM

I am the breath that once filled your lungs & now hangs frozen before you. It’s time to fly away now and I will float across the country…
I am beneath the feet that litter the streets: I am breezing through the tree you are too distant to climb.
I dissipate,
I fill new space and
I am leaving
As the oxygen,
Leaving as the oxygen that never could be captured by
Nervous hands or felt within
I have pulsed
through veins ignored.
I am my own transient matter…
My own deep call for catalysts.
I am the oxygen—electric.
I am the oxygen with no cautionary goodbye.

...* * *...

Let the summer begin.


PleaseRememberMeFondly said...

Yyyeaaahhh!!! I freaking love reading everything you write. You're amazing.

siovhan said...

have we discussed how i'm mildly obsessed with you and your writing and i hate that you don't live across the hall and i just miss you loads and loads. because if we haven't i think we should.