Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You don't have to.

Before I lose you, watch this.
This has the potential to inspire me out of bed in the morning
for fiftybillionyears.

So I'm home from work. I would tell you how many hours that lasted-- but I keep doing that to people these days and it's really not the point.
My countrygirl feet are shinin clean.
I scrubbed and scrubbed.
Then came the cocoa butter for my heels.
Some people think this mess smells great.
It doesn't.
Though somehow... I am now slathered head to toe.
Cocoa butter: not appealing. still compelling. how?
Some humans are also this way.

Are you listening to me?
I never shut up.
never shut

I am always debating-- should my blog be for only my-favorite-ultra-revised-words?
Or is there value in daily rambling?

This post is an experiment, a favor to the ramblers.
(Before reading on, please but on your hillbilly voice and repeat the above sentence.)
This pose isin exspearahmint, a fayvor to thuh rAMMblurs.

"There is always one boy.
I see him and get stuck.
I will pursue this course ...until I am blown off."

Friday, June 26th, 2009
Today I watched this movie trailer on Siovhan’s blog and cried.
I am so emotional.
...That was the Understatement of the century.

I SO know what its like to wait.
And wait
On a boy.
If you are reading this thinking “OMG she’s talking about me!”
Guess what—you’re wrong!
I’m talking about all of you.
Yes, multiple.
Maybe ya’ll could exchange addresses and start a little weekly dinner group.

Ahh. Do you see that up there? Sometimes these feisty and maybe, also… bitter… paragraphs just shoot out my mouth. They stand there big and winded, taking deep breaths with defiant looks on their blonde/brunette/red-headed faces.
WE'RE HERE,” they say.
Tell our story.”

Sometimes I say
“No thanks.”
“I’d really rather write about sunflowers and my feet.”
Then, they go away.


Claire said...

This screams "Lyndsi SHAE!" even louder than usual.
It made me laugh out louder than usual too. I'm just always a disturbance at work these days.
Thanks for waking me up, dear friend. I've been thinking of Dieter's words NON-STOP since you showed them to me.
Also, I love the smell of cocoa butter. Then again, I don't know if I've ever actually smelled it in its pure form. Hmmm...
Wow, I should just write you another letter. Maybe one day I'll write you a whole letter in a blog post comment.
For now let one looonnng paragraph be sufficient.
P.S. My favorite line: "Maybe ya’ll could exchange addresses and start a little weekly dinner group."
K bye.

siovhan said...

i love you.

i love that talk by president uchtdorf. i got goosebumps the first time i heard it.

and i love your rambling.
that's how i am. and how you sometimes are. but even your rambling is poetic.

i love you.
and i maybe they can meet my boy group for dessert.

melissakunz said...

Dear Lyndsi Shae,

Your blog readers miss you (aka I miss reading your frequent blog entries). But that probably means that life is so exciting right now that you dont have time to write. In that case, it's okay. Live life. Tell us about it eventually though. :)

Love, Melissa