Tuesday, May 22, 2007

reach. Reach. REACH.

THE DAY: May 22, 2007.
THE MUSIC: Summer Girls; LFO
THE MOMENT: Saturated in cheesy pop music and reaching for optimism.

Today i woke up and rocked my job.

Oh yeah.

Except for one thing... I have fallen to responding to the flirts of old men for good tips, oh dear have mercy upon me.

On the positive side... 8 thumbs up for the good tipping population of America and the noble way in which they shine down upon my lowly broke college employment.

Then I came home and made some CDs for a few kids I love.

I also do this thing where I morph from lazy laptop teenager into supersonic soccer mom in .054136 seconds. I picked up kid 5 and brought him to drop off kid 3 so we could pick up kid 2 and take him to kung fu. Kid 4 has been MIA... all day. Then Mom came home and took kid 5 which is slightly relieving but also not; we're really good friends these days. He always wants to play with me. Cool huh?

Now I should take a shower. But its summer... so that will happen later.

Also, I wrote something at the beach last weekend that totally contrasts with the whole optimistic tone I was going for today. I'm hesitant to put it up for a few reasons. But I'm going to anyway... shaft apprehension. Plus I'm pretty sure no one reads this anymore... so whatev.

* * * * * * * *

I know the heartbeats of your unspoken words, they burn beneath my bare running feet, hot with the ever-haunting hidden truth... frigid with your forgery... a constant reminder of your cowardly absence. And though I run, it is no longer in circles. I now strive for forward motion, knowing my words have all been released, fueled by the hope of freedom from you. So as my outline recedes into the distance... feel my shadow on your face as you smile at your girl from the safety of your secrecy...
Though you watch from afar, you cannot escape the rhythm, the truth that spins around us at the speed of silence.

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