Monday, December 10, 2007

THE DAY:December 10th 2007
THE TIME: 10:03 AM
THE MUSIC:Silence Magnifies Sound; Six Parts Seven
THE MOMENT: More LRC... and more. And more.

Its Ten.
I've been awake since 6:15.
I have a 7 page paper due at 4.
I have done nothing.
Hello Life, who are you?
Somehow you turned into school,
and I haven't seen you since.

A few nights ago I was sitting in the hall with some kids.

I wanted to slam one of them in the face, multiple times.
Then he asked me on a date, I said yes.
I just love food... and I'm poor.
K thanks.

This weekend Katie asked me if I was goin to mack a certain boy.
I answered in great detail.
Oh girl... not tonight I said.
Maybe later, but probably not... I dont know.
On account of I just love my Kennylove.
Then, I accidentally texted it to said boy.
I suck.

I love my Kahiliaulani.
Mmmm Hmmm.

I feel like one permanent goosebump.

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