Tuesday, November 27, 2007


THE DAY: December 6th 2007
THE TIME: 9:29pM
THE MUSIC: Anna Begins; Counting Crows

* * *
I have fever dreams and restless feet.
In the cold morning, I am what once filled your lungs and now hangs frozen before your face. Exhale me, it is time to float away.

* * *

Today I was sittin on a couch on campus thinkin.... what if someone were to come to me 5 years ago and say "Hey, so I walked into the future today and saw you." And I would ask them what I was like. Maybe they would say that I had brown hair... which I would think was weird. And then maybe they'd say that I was wearin a brown baseball hat with a bird on it... and a sweet white shirt with green baseball sleeves. I was on a couch at snowy BYU in cheap fake converse shoes, eatin a wrap and readin "Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life." What a great life huh? That was me today.I realized how happy I would have been to hear that, and as I stood to walk away, nothing else mattered.

I am so ready to come home.
I want to eat Sunday Best with you.
stay up late talkin to lacey
take jesse bowling
put lots of effort into havin good talks with corey
listen to brad laugh
drive the buick
see kaley and have a big huge thing with the three of us
olivia too maybe
i want to drive at night with the windows down
i want to feel the difference in me with my world
i want to see zach
i want to feel that difference, but separately.
i want to write pages
i want to feel the humidity
i want to sing with the windows down and i just need to feel and cry
i want to breathe the air that way.

Walkin off the plane and down the escalator.

1.a means of connection
2.the core or center

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