Thursday, February 14, 2008

.You're vicious like the blue sky.

THE DAY: Valentine's Day.
THE TIME: 9:27 pm
THE MUSIC: Curve of the Earth; Matt Nathanson
THE MOMENT: to come.

You're listening tree is losing its leaves
I am your friend but not that naive
All the clouds you have seeded astray
Will open the sky into rain
Just how long it'll last I can't say
But it's time you get out
Stand under the heavens
And put your umbrella away
--Umbrella; Brett Bixby

I will not say that I thought all unrest had come to a conclusion,
though I was hoping my anticipation would soon find calmer waves.
A mirage of the sunrising:
Flickered into a deceptive twilight.
I was shocked into
black and white
half and half
eliza and lyndsi shae.
Inganno. engaño. Täuschung. Deception.

Sonata Allegro.
Exposition, Recapitulation...
I will not be snowed in by your agenda.
My path deviates, and away I fly.
Not fleeing, but choosing, with calm resolution, to not end up with this version of my Father, of your Father, of what is not enough.
I do not apologize, to myself, for my false perception of your character.
I do not apologize to you at all.
The reality of now: my doubtless staccato goodbye.

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siovhan said...

I want to be you when I grow up. Honestly.