Friday, October 10, 2008

What you love, you must love now.

"There was that law of life, so cruel, and so just, that one must grow... or else pay more for remaining the same." --Norman Mailer

* * *

So its 3:44 in the mornin and I'm awake-- shocker. I'm wearin HUGE baggy pajamas and waitin to fall asleep on the couch. Breathing deep and placid, I feel my days pan out before me. There is peace everywhere.
I think of the sunrises I've seen.
--Courtney's roof: 10th grade. House sitting with Emily this summer. A million Provo all-nighters my freshman year. Waking up to Blythe, California in the passenger's seat.--

Always, there is a feeling of revival-- if there be any part of you that is still numb, grey, oppressed, indifferent-- it is waking.

Where a sunset would evoke longing, a sunrise conjures up contentment.
Tonight I realize, that I am grateful, alive, young, waking up over and over.

I am a strong woman, searching out my truth.

I am a weak daughter, with hopeful windows.

I am almost discovered.


siovhan said...

There was a Gilmore Girls episode with Norman Mailer in it..and that's all I know of him really. Until now.

I created a word for how I feel about our blog connection. Blogstalk. Seriously. I remain addicted to your writing, your words, you. I LOVE LOVE LOVE you woman. I miss you and I'm glad we both maintain this connection.

Oh and I downloaded that song. You best believe I'm getting my spark back. I love was lost for a little while. But it's back. Sass attack here in Eugene.

Cami said...

Lyndsi, I love your blog. I miss you.