Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Last night I was drivin with little Bradley.

We were sharing a cheerwine on our way home.

“Woahhhhh,” he said to me.

“Is the world shakin?”


“I think it is,” I said, just being honest… Can he feel what I’ve been feeling?


“Why does it shake Brad?”


“The world shakes when the sun hides behind the moon… and look! I can’t see the moon anymore. It’s giant and it’s gone. Where does the moon go?”


“The clouds cover up the moon sometimes,” I told him.

“Why else do you feel the world shakin?”


He explained a few theories from his five years of experience.


“Maybe a giant ant!

Or a volcano, ‘splodin with blue…


Or a giant white flag walkin the earth.”


I imagined myself as a giant white flag.


In my mind, we all did.

Walking together, we bounded the earth as we dropped our armor, shed our facades, and let the truth win.

Our clean banner blew threw the thick southern thunder.


If it means you will shoot at our weakest limb

If it means we will all be starting over

If it makes the world shake with stories finally spoken,

With loud footprints:

We surrender.


And whether we shake for this white flag, for the blue bursting volcano, or the shift in the sky… we will never shake by being small. Even Brad knows, all of these events are caused by giants. Are you afraid? You are the sky. Stop hiding.


“Silly Moon!” he said.

“There it is up there. I didn’t even see the clouds move away.”


Shake it up ya’ll.

Let go.

The moon remains.



Claire said...

I am at a desk--not working, searching. My mind and my heart for something that makes sense.
Bradley makes sense.
Lyndsi Shae makes sense.
This is all I need for now.

kaylie jean said...
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kaylie jean said...

Your words are so empowering.

Thank heavens that you write, and that you share what you write.

Please, write forever?

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

You brought up a good comment on my blog about your archival literature; thanks. How did you make that sweet Indian (Thai? Cambodian?) word as the title of your post? I want to do that! Things are going to shake up when I get back to Provo, I can tell you that much.