Sunday, December 6, 2009


My mind wants to get some things out before it falls asleep.
Some big things have happened. I haven't written them down yet.
That makes me feel like I can't write about anything else.
But I can.

Here's a try.

Tonight I saw an indigo coat at Target.
A coat is something I should ask for this Christmas.
Next to this coat, was rack after rack of bathing suits.
Some of which were fantastic.
None of which I should ask for for Christmas.
I tried on three.
Can't help it.

Tonight I am very inbetween.
In between what?
Thought and action.
Mind and voice.
Lonely and resolution.
I am tryin to ask the right questions.

I wear a ring on my middle finger, always.
Just underneath, I am missing a tiny piece of skin.
I am reminded of this when I stick my hands in
cold or hot water.
In either extreme, I flinch.
I am reminded of this when I hold on tightly.
I am reminded of this
every time my skin
is not ready for the intensity.
It is new, and it stings.
I lost this skin on Friday, while I was trying to climb rocks.
I like it. It makes me look tough.
I am tough, but I am not stoic.
It's hard to be reminded
that some things are still too intense for a straight face.
I flinch. I sting.


David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

I tried on two pairs of jeans the other day, then decided they were way to ghetto and that if I bought them I could never be able to wear them in front of my mom. I settled on a really edgy shirt.

Claire said...

I just love you is all.