Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Its been a while.

THE DAY: June 26th, 2007.
THE MUSIC: Permanent; Colbie Calliat.
THE MOMENT: A present yesterday

Green seeps through these trees that stretch and strive as the black night overtakes their colors like a deep insomnia. Though routine darkness overcomes them once again, they stand unabashed through the silence. A prominent strength runs through roots that cling relentlessly to banished truth beneath the surface. I am in these trees. My shadow precedes me.

* * *

Yesterday my best friend came home, heartbroken. We went to our favorite place to get ice cream. I forgot my shoes. We ate in on a dock over a part of the lake I've never seen before. We went back for more and ate it layin on the sidewalk. And then it came.

Rain like unashamed drops of life
at a
And I surrendered
There was the truth falling from someone else's sky.
I ran through it on someone else's street.
I lay and let it swallow me.

Something big is happening. I can feel it.

Today I walked into work at 11:45, and they didn't need me. Walked OUT. For $1.90 I bought some markers and a green apple. I have this bag full of papers that I've scribbled on at one time or another since I moved away to Utah. I got back into my pajamas, sat on my bed, and surrounded myself with them to write in my new notebook.

Something big is happening. I can feel it.

Rupture and repair.
... and release.
Pills & Plastic,
I am STILL who I am.
(even without you.)

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Anonymous said...

I feel like i'm reading e.e.cummings, i need to study this for a few weeks before i truly understand it.