Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I walked around school today with that feeling-- that I am illuminating, capable, and lucky. I needed the reassurance. Then, I sat at my kitchen table for five hours, reading. Plays and Poems for college. And what is this feeling I am full of? Words I still crave... The spirit of them is in me but I cannot create their tangible body. What is this longing? This exhaustion that keeps me out of bed... what will be enough for me? After all the letters and books and quotations... all my reachings... who is this woman in me? This cry for freedom?

"a portion of that figured veil we cast against oblivion, then try, with little hope, to tear away..."
Still Life; C.K. Williams


Anonymous said...

i love you lyndsi shae. thanks so much for always being there for me. i'm gonna miss you sooo so much. but i know i'll see you again sometime:)

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Reading is the bomb... dot com. (I know that doesn't rhyme, I don't even like it as a phrase.) I also love to write. Writing and reading are two essential ingredients to a successful and fulfilled life (and I'm not just talking about literacy). Keep reading and writing Lyndsi Shae.