Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Love is a Battlefield.

THE DAY: Wednesday, October 3rd 2007
THE TIME: 2:14 am
THE MUSIC: Jesse's Girl; Rick Springfield
THE MOMENT: Zip up hoodies

A few nights ago, I was scrunched up in a tent all night long on a mountain.
Yes. I was.
At one point, there were anonymous animals snudging their noses at me from outside. I was the only one awake. In the morning I stuck my head out of a plastic zipper flap. I saw a sky and upside down trees. All my molecules were chilly from the air. "Hello World!" I said involuntarily.
It was a wonderfully rough feeling.

Right now I am nast from aerobics, layin out on my 102 couch, right inside of my 102 life.
Where the most valuable thing I own is a gallon of skim milk in the mini fridge.
Where my friends are very huggy and I'm unfortunately annoyed with the boy I'm kinda dating-ish but not really. Where I have a new appreciation for pineapples, rice, and going for walks. Where I tie things around my head like a ninja turtle and dance in my underwear. Where I was very opposed to the raunch couple in front of me in the library today. Who makes out in the LRC? Honestly ya'll...

One day I will be in love, and we will watch the fireworks.
I think about that some times.
I just need to say,
that even though I have no makeup on
and I smell like a sweaty kickboxer,
and I am watching a movie all by myself...
I love who I am.
And sometimes,
other people love it too.
But if they didn't, I would be okay.
I am on a revolution to be the woman I'm supposed to be.
I am strong enough to be her.
I will become.

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