Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Week 5- Brain

THE DAY: October Tenth TwoThousandAndSeven
THE TIME: ThreeFortyThreeAM-Crap.
THE MUSIC:Counting Crows (I'm imagining them)
THE MOMENT:After my Kahiliaulani. Before I go to sleep

There is so much life inside of me. I feel like there has to be more ways to set it free. The other day I was sitting in class next a love of mine: Camille. She was typing messages to me on her laptop. (Sneaky huh?) Letter by letter, I watched her spell out the insides of her brain. She said something like this.

Isn’t it funny to feel like that yet we sit here silently in class?

Like…I wonder how many people feel like that. Feel like jumping up right now and running around. Or feel like bursting into song. Or feel like crying.

I feel like that all the time. I would love to find a way to saturate my moments with the purest kind of life. No doubts, no inhibitions, just power.

There is a newspaper clipping I keep with me, a headline singing…


I’ve had it for close to four years.
Five different houses.
Four jobs.
Fifteen boys.
Two nights runningaway from home.
One change of my favorite color.
And Seven journals.

I am more free now than ever before.
Still, I long for further release.

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