Tuesday, October 16, 2007

rusty trucks.

THE DAY: Tuesday October 16th, 2007 THE TIME: ninethirtyseven pm THE MUSIC: the temptations THE MOMENT: hallucinatory rainbows in the misty fog mountains

*Disclaimer... remember last time when I said my surroundings were mediocre? I was talking about the LRC, not provo. K thanks.*

A certain attitude is dancing around in my brain today...

I care very much about the trees.

About my Mom saying she's worried for my younger brother and when my next road trip will be.

I care to play with my friends and eat walrus-portions of ice cream on dollar-scoop Tuesday.
I care to wear flowing summery shirts that make no one in the world look fat... ever.
I care to read a book and drink apple cider and go for a walk in the rain.

I think these are lovely things to care about.
I do not, however, care about my humanities assignment due tomorrow.
Or my philosophy essays.
Or really any aspect of academia.

And so, despite the vast black holes of studying I conquered last week, I am now considered an unproductive member of society.
I would like to clarify that somewhere within me, general authorities speak.
"good, better, best..."
"mediocrity will never do... this is your time, your opportunity..."
"seek not just a degree, but a true education..."

I don't want to be the annoying slacker kid.
I do want to be the freedom child.

Oh bummer.

Also... Man Cravings. Have Mercy.

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siovhan said...

man cravings up the wazoo. freaking heck. haha. that's a good relief society president for y'all. haha.

and feel free to come get some apple cider anytime. i have a large supply because it makes my life worth living.

and i also feel like the slacker kid. like i'm that mediocre member of the university.